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  We believe in a real food supplement without added chemicals or toxins.  Labels without lies.  All these things add up.  When you open a bottle of Green Supreme barley you can smell the difference between ours and the others. It just smells amazing, kind of like a field of grass in the summertime.   Now you just know we can't fake that.

This supplement is REAL FOOD loaded with nutrients, minerals and Amino Acids we all need to keep our bodies alkaline.  It has been growing in our fields in New Wilmington, PA for over 30 years and shipped all over the world.

Green Supreme, Inc has been growing barley grass since 1987.  The barley leaves are cut when only a few inches tall and air dried to retain the enzymes and nutrients.   The barley with Cayenne Pepper was introduced in 1995 and the barley with Chromium Piccolinate in 1996.